Monday, October 4, 2010


Let me tell you about this weekend....
So our teaching pool is getting small again weeding out people who are not so interested and those who are willing to listen so i have been praying to have the Lord guide us in finding and teaching. So yesterday MIRACLE DAY. We decided to go out tracting in Webster between sessions of conference. So we drive all the way back out to Webster and we park on this street and start tracting and inviting....out second house we see this man outside working on his 4 wheeler....we approach and start telliong who we are....HE just listened to us not saying much... I asked what Jesus Christ means to him and he said he took my wife last year. So immediatly Plan of Salvation comes into my head! So we start testifying on Plan of salvation. He is just listening so intently and not saying we say we know this will change your life do you have 5 minutes where we can teach you quickly about where your wife is. Shockingly he says yes!! That's doesn't happen often. So we stunned pull out the pamphlet and start at it. After we both bore testimony and i got a little emotional the spirit was so strong while talking about gospel my feelings were tender to the spirit probably especially beacuse of conference and we ask if we can come back and tell him more he says YES! So we are seeing him this week and couldnt be more excited! Then we say is there anything we can do for you today....he says so quietly have done enough.
The lord guided us to Michael and i know he is being ill keep you updated. SO we finished tracting and then went back to see last after we taught another lady....good lesson and then it was 8:45 and i felt before we go home for night we should visit this less active Laurel. Laurel we visit and keep in contact often but she is a heavy smoker and bad health. depressing life really. We visit her sometimes and read in the BOM with her and always ask her to read on we walked in and what a humbling experience mom. She was so happy. She said she kept looking at the note we put on her T.V and it said you CAN do it. SHe said everyday she read the book of mormon! She said her life was so blessed this week she got food from the government and church shoes....she said i know the Lord loves me like you always tell me. She said i have so much! Mom once again humbling experience because she lives in a RUN DOWN old motel kitchen just bed and bathroom. She said im so loved by the Lord because he gave me food this week and he provoded me shelter and best of all church shoes so i can have shoes to wear to church. Tears filed my eyes mom as she said im coming back and im going to temple and im going to wear garments someday. You watch im going to do it. I was overwhelmed by the spirit and i know mom the Lord loves all his children even little old laurel in motel room #6. It was a blessing to sit on her bed with her and read over our notes from conference and tell her the exciting news our prophet taught us. SHe was so happy mom and i know the Holy Ghost taught her the words of the prophet even though she couldnt watch it. She was exactly what the prophet told us to be. Gracious to Lord for all blessings in life. She was outpouring with gratitude and i know she felt Lords love and help. Such a blessing mom. I love this work. I wish every single person could have these sacred and life changing experiences.

Love Sister Kier