Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 1st

June 1
The sites are picking up...we are at sites 5 days a week! Its intense...i love it but no time in our area. We didn't have a baptism this week...Kimberly set her date now to June 19 the weekend before the transfer ends. I think that's a pretty solid date so we will see! Then still teaching Beth and she is having a hard time....i feel so bad for her she has 2 kids and living off of 25 dollars a week and we still have to teach law of tithing...I'm scared for that one. but we are not going to teach her that until she can keep the commitments she has already been given...we will see? I love her though. She had a really neat experience last week when she was reading the scriptures. I told her to pray to knew they were true and she said she did and nothing. so we said again keep reading and we got home that night after we taught her and were planning for next day and in the prayer i said i said help her know the power from the BOM and no joke she called us 3 minutes later and said crying....i decided to pray and i just opened up to Alma 42:30 and it hit me so hard. Its a powerful scripture read it. And she was like wow i have chills and know this is a we were so excited...then she didn't come to church??? So we went over Sunday and taught her sabbath day and she had a really hard time with that???? strange...cause usually that is easy one for people to I'm not sure what to think now? Its in the Lords hands.
Saturday we were in a parade. Here in Waterloo is where memorial day started. Its the birth place of memorial day! Pretty there was a huge parade and the church was in we walked in holding a banner and waved to people....ill send pictures! It was so fun! Its been so HOT here like unbelievable...

Sister Morrison


May 25th Letter

We get a call like Thursday i believe...its Sister Stone and she is freaking out....she says ARE YOU COMING TO THE HILL TONIGHT FOR THE MEETING? I said what are you talking about...YOU HAVE TO COME Elder D.Todd Christofferson is SPEAKING TO the site sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a last minute thing he decided to do. Van Den Berghe and i were YELLING and screaming with excitement!!!! So we dropped everything and went up to the Hill Cumorah and there with just about 50 others got to have Him speak to us privately. It was open ended question session. Not one of the sisters was asking questions just the senior I raised my hand and said Elder Christofferson i know you have a busy schedule but I was just wondering what your most treasured time is as part of your sacred calling. HE smiled and said being with missionaries. HE went off and talked about his love for missionaries. It was a unique experience that i will never forget! He bore his testimony to us and during it said some powerful things i was in tears. After we got to go up and talk with him and shake his hand...I’ll send pictures...he just held my hand in a clasp and just smiled and looked into my eyes and I felt his deep love. It was incredible. What an amazing experience...A sister that is about to go home said that has never happened! I feel so blessed. I'm not kidding when i say that i literally have the BEST mission in the whole world. I'm so lucky.
That was pretty much the highlight of the week! ha ha...pretty good one huh?

Sister Morrison