Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6th

On Sunday was one of the tender mercies of my mission. BIG highlight! So i have told you all about Laurel Konarski. She is that old lady who is so spicy and sweet who lives in the run down Motel....well she told us this week that she an alcoholic and we obviously knew she was a heavy smoker but she said i will get to temple and ill do whatever it takes! SO we meet with her Saturday night and talked with her about recovering the addictions she has...i asked her to say a prayer to heavenly father and help us and especially her to bring ideas to her mind on how she is going to stop so she can get to the temple. We were in kneeling prayer and i wish you could have heard that prayer. I was so teary and it was so powerful. Here i get to be with one of Gods loved daughters and she in her RASPY voice is calling down the powers of heaven pleading with the Father to help her. Then she goes on to thank Him for her blessings. YEah im such a baby....i lost it....we were on a dirty old floor and the room she lives in is about ten feet by twenty....IF THAT and she is saying THANK YOU FATHER you have given me too much and all i can do is THANK. I don't deserve these blessings you continually give me.....I WAS STUNNED. I'm telling you being on a mission is the most humbling experience. So she committed to come to we have been working with LAurel for MONTHS. Since i got here in June....Never once came to we were like okay well we have a ride and everything set up...we will See you tomorrow! Sunday comes....time is passing...we are waiting....then as we were about to go in to sit in the chapel we hear the door open and there is LAUREL KONARSKI. Barbara picked her up and took her! She was so cute in the bright purple sleeping bad coat and PINK FURRRRRRY boots that looked like huge slippers and her skirt on walking in with her walker. We rushed to the door and as she was making it inside tears just streamed down my face! SHE MADE IT! I'm such a baby now...ha ha ha but i just was so happy to see this woman who is struggling with health, addictions, everything you could think of she has a problem with and she confidently walks in the door! We hugggged her and she just kept saying...."I'm home...Lord I'm home." ALL during church i was so wimpy ha ha cause her sweet voice trying to sing and her look on her face as she got to take the sacrament! SO POWERFUL. I LOVE that lady SO much! You will meet her someday, so sweet. One of the best moments on my mission so far!
Anyways that was neat to see all the work and then finally see her turning the Lord for help. Awesome!

Sister Morrison

Monday, October 4, 2010


Let me tell you about this weekend....
So our teaching pool is getting small again weeding out people who are not so interested and those who are willing to listen so i have been praying to have the Lord guide us in finding and teaching. So yesterday MIRACLE DAY. We decided to go out tracting in Webster between sessions of conference. So we drive all the way back out to Webster and we park on this street and start tracting and inviting....out second house we see this man outside working on his 4 wheeler....we approach and start telliong who we are....HE just listened to us not saying much... I asked what Jesus Christ means to him and he said he took my wife last year. So immediatly Plan of Salvation comes into my head! So we start testifying on Plan of salvation. He is just listening so intently and not saying we say we know this will change your life do you have 5 minutes where we can teach you quickly about where your wife is. Shockingly he says yes!! That's doesn't happen often. So we stunned pull out the pamphlet and start at it. After we both bore testimony and i got a little emotional the spirit was so strong while talking about gospel my feelings were tender to the spirit probably especially beacuse of conference and we ask if we can come back and tell him more he says YES! So we are seeing him this week and couldnt be more excited! Then we say is there anything we can do for you today....he says so quietly have done enough.
The lord guided us to Michael and i know he is being ill keep you updated. SO we finished tracting and then went back to see last after we taught another lady....good lesson and then it was 8:45 and i felt before we go home for night we should visit this less active Laurel. Laurel we visit and keep in contact often but she is a heavy smoker and bad health. depressing life really. We visit her sometimes and read in the BOM with her and always ask her to read on we walked in and what a humbling experience mom. She was so happy. She said she kept looking at the note we put on her T.V and it said you CAN do it. SHe said everyday she read the book of mormon! She said her life was so blessed this week she got food from the government and church shoes....she said i know the Lord loves me like you always tell me. She said i have so much! Mom once again humbling experience because she lives in a RUN DOWN old motel kitchen just bed and bathroom. She said im so loved by the Lord because he gave me food this week and he provoded me shelter and best of all church shoes so i can have shoes to wear to church. Tears filed my eyes mom as she said im coming back and im going to temple and im going to wear garments someday. You watch im going to do it. I was overwhelmed by the spirit and i know mom the Lord loves all his children even little old laurel in motel room #6. It was a blessing to sit on her bed with her and read over our notes from conference and tell her the exciting news our prophet taught us. SHe was so happy mom and i know the Holy Ghost taught her the words of the prophet even though she couldnt watch it. She was exactly what the prophet told us to be. Gracious to Lord for all blessings in life. She was outpouring with gratitude and i know she felt Lords love and help. Such a blessing mom. I love this work. I wish every single person could have these sacred and life changing experiences.

Love Sister Kier

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24, 2010

The work is going better in our area. We found 4 new investigators in the few hours we had in our area. (we are at sites 6 days a week) So in those few hours we were guided by the Lord...but we have more time this week and we finally get a full proselyting day next week so we will fill it jam packed! WORK WORK WORK! Tonight we share a are biking to a members home to teach them and i looked on the map and think it's like 10 miles away! ha ha ha I guess its a good thing because i need the exercise! So we will be tired tonight and its rainy today! ha ha FUN ADVENTURE!!!

love Sister Morrison!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I cannot believe I have had this opportunity to be a cast trainer. Us six C.T are the most spoiled and LUCKIEST sisters and missionaries on the world. WOW. While all the other sisters are out door knocking and giving tours we are in the MIDDLE of the Pageant...Working RIGHT WITH the cast personally. We are outside from 9-5 all day teaching and going into the tents to practice with the cast members. It feel like I’m at Disneyland kind of ha ha...but I actually LOVE it so much...the outdoor shelter we present at is BIG and its only like a few hundred feet away from us and so through the trees you can see the cast practicing with the LOUD music and explosions and water shooting up and people in the grassy part all practicing the dances and their own parts...ALL WHILE WE ARE TEACHNIG. We teach in segments to the cast not all at once...7 presentations a day. IT’S AMAZING. All six of us sisters got all teary eyed last night as we talked about how amazing our opportunity is to have to do this! Once in a lifetime. Then we did our final workshop today and it’s been the funniest thing I have ever done! I LOVE IT! The lord has truly blessed me in this calling No joke. It has been so fun! Then today we got to watch the WHOLE cast do a quick 10 minute run through of when the savior comes down to visit the people like in 3rd Nephi. WOW no one was in costume and it was BLAZING hot and the music started and the people were all looking at the cast "Jesus" and us six sisters were in TEARS....just the practice...the actual show starts on Thursday night...I can’t believe how good they are!!! They just got their roles not even a week ago... That’s the Lord helping. No possible other way. It’s INCREDIBLE and it’s just hot day practice. Wow. Best MISSION IN THE WORLD.

It’s incredible...and it’s not even the whole thing....spirit is so strong here! Powerful!
So I just want to say I love you all. I know this gospel is true because I feel the spirit testify to me each time I’m here at these sacred sites. I can’t believe in a year will be preparing to go home. Wow....crazy! I’m SO blessed to be a missionary here

Sister Morrison

Monday, July 12, 2010

KIMBERLYS BAPTISM is SATURDAY!!! She asked me to give a talk =) She is doing amazing... it will be so special...I was talking to a bunch of sisters and they said that NEVER hardly does a sister find a person and teach them and be there for them when they are baptized!!!! I’m so lucky. I found her in March and taught her all the way through and now I will be at her baptism speaking. IT will be special and I’m so happy for her she has come a LONG way!!!!! I know there is a reason why I’m supposed to be on a mission and esp. in my area. Kimberly needed me and we really do have a special connection. Love that girl.

Here is a cool quote from President Hinckley that II found yesterday about sister missionaries....
“Many young women are serving missions. Many are preparing to serve, not because they are not married or have nothing else to do, but because they have a desire to serve. The reason so many are going is because in the next generation Heavenly Father will be sending his Priesthood army to the earth, He wants to send them to Mothers who have been properly trained and taught the gospel and what better training can a women have than that of serving a mission"

Sister Morrison

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 1st

June 1
The sites are picking up...we are at sites 5 days a week! Its intense...i love it but no time in our area. We didn't have a baptism this week...Kimberly set her date now to June 19 the weekend before the transfer ends. I think that's a pretty solid date so we will see! Then still teaching Beth and she is having a hard time....i feel so bad for her she has 2 kids and living off of 25 dollars a week and we still have to teach law of tithing...I'm scared for that one. but we are not going to teach her that until she can keep the commitments she has already been given...we will see? I love her though. She had a really neat experience last week when she was reading the scriptures. I told her to pray to knew they were true and she said she did and nothing. so we said again keep reading and we got home that night after we taught her and were planning for next day and in the prayer i said i said help her know the power from the BOM and no joke she called us 3 minutes later and said crying....i decided to pray and i just opened up to Alma 42:30 and it hit me so hard. Its a powerful scripture read it. And she was like wow i have chills and know this is a we were so excited...then she didn't come to church??? So we went over Sunday and taught her sabbath day and she had a really hard time with that???? strange...cause usually that is easy one for people to I'm not sure what to think now? Its in the Lords hands.
Saturday we were in a parade. Here in Waterloo is where memorial day started. Its the birth place of memorial day! Pretty there was a huge parade and the church was in we walked in holding a banner and waved to people....ill send pictures! It was so fun! Its been so HOT here like unbelievable...

Sister Morrison


May 25th Letter

We get a call like Thursday i believe...its Sister Stone and she is freaking out....she says ARE YOU COMING TO THE HILL TONIGHT FOR THE MEETING? I said what are you talking about...YOU HAVE TO COME Elder D.Todd Christofferson is SPEAKING TO the site sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a last minute thing he decided to do. Van Den Berghe and i were YELLING and screaming with excitement!!!! So we dropped everything and went up to the Hill Cumorah and there with just about 50 others got to have Him speak to us privately. It was open ended question session. Not one of the sisters was asking questions just the senior I raised my hand and said Elder Christofferson i know you have a busy schedule but I was just wondering what your most treasured time is as part of your sacred calling. HE smiled and said being with missionaries. HE went off and talked about his love for missionaries. It was a unique experience that i will never forget! He bore his testimony to us and during it said some powerful things i was in tears. After we got to go up and talk with him and shake his hand...I’ll send pictures...he just held my hand in a clasp and just smiled and looked into my eyes and I felt his deep love. It was incredible. What an amazing experience...A sister that is about to go home said that has never happened! I feel so blessed. I'm not kidding when i say that i literally have the BEST mission in the whole world. I'm so lucky.
That was pretty much the highlight of the week! ha ha...pretty good one huh?

Sister Morrison

Monday, May 10, 2010

april 20th letter

...this morning i got a call from President and i was getting ready and he asked me to do Cast Training this summer and be director next summer!!! This means we work with all the cast members for pageant. There are 800 cast actors and actresses and six sisters are chosen to train them on getting referrals from everyone in crowd, (we set up nine thousand chairs for the production) with that many people coming to see pageant not all the sister missionaries can talk to everyone and we want to receive as many referrals for the people as possible so they train the cast to learn how to get them for us, and that's what i got called to do. I am so excited to do this.

sister morrison.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Letter- March 23,2010

A tour walked in and so we gave it and i got to the end where it talks about the Book of Mormon stories and i usually bear my testimony at that point and when I got there I paused while bearing my testimony and just was overwhelmed with emotion and I had this burning feeling come over me. The people on the tour were a family two parents and young girl about to go on mission and I said I love being a missionary. This book is true. My lip was trembling so much ha- ha and I just poured out my soul to them and the mom and girl were in tears and i said love this time with your family because it will be shortly gone before you will not have them with you but there is nothing like teaching people about this book. Most Amazing feeling when the spirit literally speaks through you. That’s how i feel. I’m brought to tears just thinking about the power of this gospel and how i get to share it with people and how much out Savior has done for us and i owe everything to him. My whole life. I’m truly starting to get comfortable with this work, its special but i know the lord guides me in all i do and I'm so thankful for him. I could go on forever! Sorry that was churchy coming out of me!! ha ha ha okay i love you have an amazing week! I love you love, your missionary Kiersten! kisses!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I am happy here but i miss you guys so much, But when i feel like things are hard i think of the life these people I'm teaching have. I'm so blessed. These people have Nothing some of them and are addicted to all kinds of things and have no love at home and no support in life and NO GOSPEL! I cant believe Heavenly FaTHER has given us so much! Honestly. We are healthy, have so much love and support from each other, food at every meal, and have the blessing of the gospel in our lives.

So Monday we were out tracting and we got let in!!! My first time someone let us in and i sure bore testimony as strongly as i could! We had another meeting with this younger lady...but she ditched us. That was very upsetting! I was praying and preparing and trying so hard to have the spirit with me all week so we could teach with power and then NO! She was not there!!! So sad. I will not give up on her though i will tract her down! ha ha!

-Sister Morrison

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vistor Center Training

So starting on Wed we started Visitor Center training. Its so fun. I love it. I am so lucky im in a VC!! So we had our first practice training last night. We decorated a class room like a big VC and we had people from community come in and we had to act like we were in NY. I was so excited and pumped and had so much faith...
I know ill be so great in the VC and it just takes practice! But after the last few days of VC training im SOOO excited to get out to NY and start teaching!!!
just know that i love this gospel and everything in it. Im so glad im a missionary! kissesssssss Sister kkk

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10th

Kierstens letter Feb 10th 2010

Okay so I can only email family , but I can receive emails from anyone,
So if anyone of my friends asks, tell them to write me or dear elder me... but I can’t email back, only letters. I
I depart and leave the MTC Feb. 22!!! Crazy! So yeah like a week in a half!!! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by!!
But it’s so crazy...I seriously love being a missionary and I haven’t even put my learning into action. I can’t even think of how much ill love it when I get to NY...It blows my mind to think about how important this work really is! My testimony has grown one million times just in two weeks and I can’t believe how much it means to me. Just remember this gospel in number one over anything else!

-Sister Morrison

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Part of her Letter today

I have learned so much here and probably the most important is relying on the Lord for help through my hard times. It's amazing how I can feel his love and have a peace come to me knowing everything is going to be alright!
I think I'm getting used to it all slowly! I love the spirit that is here! It's so amazing, I know we all heard that but feeling that is so different. Now that I'm getting more into the work I’m realizing why I'm here and I just have to forget myself and get to work.

-Sister Morrison
Sister Kiersten Marie Morrison
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She reported into the MTC on January 27th, 2010.
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