Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6th

On Sunday was one of the tender mercies of my mission. BIG highlight! So i have told you all about Laurel Konarski. She is that old lady who is so spicy and sweet who lives in the run down Motel....well she told us this week that she an alcoholic and we obviously knew she was a heavy smoker but she said i will get to temple and ill do whatever it takes! SO we meet with her Saturday night and talked with her about recovering the addictions she has...i asked her to say a prayer to heavenly father and help us and especially her to bring ideas to her mind on how she is going to stop so she can get to the temple. We were in kneeling prayer and i wish you could have heard that prayer. I was so teary and it was so powerful. Here i get to be with one of Gods loved daughters and she in her RASPY voice is calling down the powers of heaven pleading with the Father to help her. Then she goes on to thank Him for her blessings. YEah im such a baby....i lost it....we were on a dirty old floor and the room she lives in is about ten feet by twenty....IF THAT and she is saying THANK YOU FATHER you have given me too much and all i can do is THANK. I don't deserve these blessings you continually give me.....I WAS STUNNED. I'm telling you being on a mission is the most humbling experience. So she committed to come to we have been working with LAurel for MONTHS. Since i got here in June....Never once came to we were like okay well we have a ride and everything set up...we will See you tomorrow! Sunday comes....time is passing...we are waiting....then as we were about to go in to sit in the chapel we hear the door open and there is LAUREL KONARSKI. Barbara picked her up and took her! She was so cute in the bright purple sleeping bad coat and PINK FURRRRRRY boots that looked like huge slippers and her skirt on walking in with her walker. We rushed to the door and as she was making it inside tears just streamed down my face! SHE MADE IT! I'm such a baby now...ha ha ha but i just was so happy to see this woman who is struggling with health, addictions, everything you could think of she has a problem with and she confidently walks in the door! We hugggged her and she just kept saying...."I'm home...Lord I'm home." ALL during church i was so wimpy ha ha cause her sweet voice trying to sing and her look on her face as she got to take the sacrament! SO POWERFUL. I LOVE that lady SO much! You will meet her someday, so sweet. One of the best moments on my mission so far!
Anyways that was neat to see all the work and then finally see her turning the Lord for help. Awesome!

Sister Morrison