Monday, July 19, 2010


I cannot believe I have had this opportunity to be a cast trainer. Us six C.T are the most spoiled and LUCKIEST sisters and missionaries on the world. WOW. While all the other sisters are out door knocking and giving tours we are in the MIDDLE of the Pageant...Working RIGHT WITH the cast personally. We are outside from 9-5 all day teaching and going into the tents to practice with the cast members. It feel like I’m at Disneyland kind of ha ha...but I actually LOVE it so much...the outdoor shelter we present at is BIG and its only like a few hundred feet away from us and so through the trees you can see the cast practicing with the LOUD music and explosions and water shooting up and people in the grassy part all practicing the dances and their own parts...ALL WHILE WE ARE TEACHNIG. We teach in segments to the cast not all at once...7 presentations a day. IT’S AMAZING. All six of us sisters got all teary eyed last night as we talked about how amazing our opportunity is to have to do this! Once in a lifetime. Then we did our final workshop today and it’s been the funniest thing I have ever done! I LOVE IT! The lord has truly blessed me in this calling No joke. It has been so fun! Then today we got to watch the WHOLE cast do a quick 10 minute run through of when the savior comes down to visit the people like in 3rd Nephi. WOW no one was in costume and it was BLAZING hot and the music started and the people were all looking at the cast "Jesus" and us six sisters were in TEARS....just the practice...the actual show starts on Thursday night...I can’t believe how good they are!!! They just got their roles not even a week ago... That’s the Lord helping. No possible other way. It’s INCREDIBLE and it’s just hot day practice. Wow. Best MISSION IN THE WORLD.

It’s incredible...and it’s not even the whole thing....spirit is so strong here! Powerful!
So I just want to say I love you all. I know this gospel is true because I feel the spirit testify to me each time I’m here at these sacred sites. I can’t believe in a year will be preparing to go home. Wow....crazy! I’m SO blessed to be a missionary here

Sister Morrison

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