Monday, July 12, 2010

KIMBERLYS BAPTISM is SATURDAY!!! She asked me to give a talk =) She is doing amazing... it will be so special...I was talking to a bunch of sisters and they said that NEVER hardly does a sister find a person and teach them and be there for them when they are baptized!!!! I’m so lucky. I found her in March and taught her all the way through and now I will be at her baptism speaking. IT will be special and I’m so happy for her she has come a LONG way!!!!! I know there is a reason why I’m supposed to be on a mission and esp. in my area. Kimberly needed me and we really do have a special connection. Love that girl.

Here is a cool quote from President Hinckley that II found yesterday about sister missionaries....
“Many young women are serving missions. Many are preparing to serve, not because they are not married or have nothing else to do, but because they have a desire to serve. The reason so many are going is because in the next generation Heavenly Father will be sending his Priesthood army to the earth, He wants to send them to Mothers who have been properly trained and taught the gospel and what better training can a women have than that of serving a mission"

Sister Morrison

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